SanDisk sansa e 260 stuck in "syncronizing to your subscription"

I recently got a friend to put a lot of new music on my SanDisk sansa e260 , He got all on, and also put in the extra 4 GB insert I had bought with the e260. He tried but failed to figure out how to create multiple play lists. It all looked fine, but when I tried to play it, at first it showed what I selected, but played something else. When I pressed play it briefly showed a message saying “syncronize to continue your music subscription”. It varied from playing music not related to what I selected (it showed what I selected some of the time) and then started cutting off the songs and going to the next song, all not what I had selected and sometimes not what it showed on the screen. Of course I am very frustrated, and am ignorant of what to do. Hence the long in name of ignorant

You might find your answer here or here.

I’m having the same problem, “Sync to cont ur music subcription”   and I did not down load from a subcription site.  Let me know if you get an answer cause I need one too…


Did you click on the links in my post directly above yours?

Thanks a lot,Got the answers here.I was trying to help my sister. :slight_smile: