Sandisk Sansa Clip: Powermanagement after FW-Update


after updating the firmware of my clip to version 2.01.32F the clip need far more often charging.

Might be due to the fact that the sleep-mode (? Sorry, using it with german language) does NOT keep the setting since i did the update:

Settings done at “Einstellungen” / “Strom” / “Schlafmodus” are ALWAYS reset after power-off…

Can anyone confirm this effect?

How to handle it?

Thank you very much!

You can try to reaload the firmware and try to observe by draining the battery out and charging the player for 3 hours.

Firmware update: 



thank you very much and sorry that it took so long to reply,

but i’m following a thread in the german SanDisk forum that’s very promising…

Thank you very much,