Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB 3.5 mm


New member.  I’m set on buying the 2gb clip+ and want to use it in my vehicle.  I have a 3.5mm aux. input in my stereo, and need to know if the 2 gb clip+ 3.5mm is a normal size or mini size???  I’ve seen on that they say 3.5mm “mini” but have also seen normal size.

If someone can, please verify.  3.5mm mini or normal. 

Thanks to all.

3.5mm is a standard size.  All 3.5mm jacks are the same size (with minor adjustments for iphones that shouldn’t affect anything really).  It’s called mini because it’s not the larger 6.35mm jack, which used to be more widely used.

I really want to hit that solution button, and will in a second.  Can you take a look at this ebay auction??  Would this be the correct cord?  Thanks for the help.

Yup, that’s the correct one.

That one will do the trick