Sandisk Sansa c140

My uncle brought me one from Europe, I can’t actually tell from where, but it appears that FM tuner is turned off in Europe. Well, I live in USA and I’d like to use the function. One of my firends told me to download and install new firmware that supports radio.

I have found one, (Version 1.0.005a) but it seem that I can’t update because I got a newer version (Version 2.0.008A) and it doesn’t want to update, it always gives me “Update failed”. What should I do? Maybe there’s a firmware I can download and install at my c140 so it will make my radio work ?

Well, if anyone knows how to, I’d be happy.

as far as I know, there is nothing you can do about it. Short of it failing under warranty and having it replaced. but its not failing since it doesnt come with FM from the get go.