Sandisk refuses to replace sansa c140 1gb mp3 player under warranty

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I wanted to post this message in this forum since all members of this community including myself use sansa products. I bought a sansa c140 mp3 player in August 2007 and recently the player showed a message which has been seen by others here saying "There is no space in DB. Delete at least 4.0 MB " and with this message it froze and I could not do anything. Sandisk support staff asked me to reformat the drive and I followed their instructions to the ‘T’ but it refused to budge meaning ‘I could not reformat’. As I have others’ experience in this forum , this has happened to others and the only recourse was to have the player replaced. When I wrote back to the sandisk support asking them to replace the player  including a copy of my receipt of the product from ‘’ less than six months ago, they replied that since i do not have the original packaging and UPC code they cannot honor my request. In my opinion, very few users of electronic products ( unless the product is worth thousands of dollars) keep the original packaging ( even that is very rare). In almost all cases, copy of the receipt is taken as proof of purchase for warranty purchases, I am very disappointed with the sandisk support staff’s reply and I want all members of this forum to know that there is no guarantee that sandisk will replace your product if it fails within the warranty period. I have requested them again to reconsider my case.

I would request the administrator of this forum to post this letter as widely as possible since this has significant implications for purchasers of sandisk products from online companies such as ‘’.

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I wouldn’t mind looking into this. Would it be possible for you to contact and find out if the product is refurbished or not? I attempted to find the c100 myself but was not able to find the player listed. Although I did find several accessories.

If we can determine, from, that the player is in fact not refurbished then there is no problem with replacing the player for you. From the case notes, it seems like the player is, in fact, a refurbished player. Refurbished players do not include a manufacturers warranty.

What is a refurbished player?

I have checked my receipt and it does not say that it is a refurbished player. Just for my own knowledge, is it not true that refurbished( or reconditioned , are they the same) products carry the same warranty as the original item. I therefore assume that the player that I bought from was not refurbished but new.

A refurbished player does not carry the original warranty from the manufactured. You can read more HERE.

“This warranty is provided to the original end user purchasing from SanDisk or an authorized reseller, and is not transferable.”

We need to verify from the source ( in this case) that the product was sold new, not refurbished. If it is in fact refurbished, the only warranty that would apply is’s warranty.

I understand that we believe the product to be new, but it would need to be verified. The last response in your E-Box explains the conflict. A response from would get this sorted out.

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I have emailed ‘’ to find out if the product sold to me was refurbished or not. As soon as I get their answer I will inform you.

Thanks for your input in resolving this conflict.


I just got a reply from confirming my purchase of c140 1gb mp3 player is a new one and not refurbished.
I am pasting below their reply since I don’t know how to forward to the moderator. The reply refers to the order number but my eBox it is clear that this order refers to the player.I hope now the doubts about whether the player is new or refurbished is clear.
Here is a copy of the reply from
Hello Meena Ananth,

Thank you for contacting

This is in reference to your email regarding order #34613814.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please note that item #202641103 is a brand new product and not refurbished one.

Thank you for understanding in this matter.

Please do not reply to this message. It was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email.


Allen Customer Service

Please be so kind as to forward that email to with your Case ID number and First and Last name. You should recieve updates from SanDisk’s end within 1-2 business days.

I also noticed you did not provide a phone number, please be sure to do so in response to the RMA that has been created. In case we need to contact you for any reason.

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