Sandisk Portable SSD

Hi Everyone, i bought an a SSD From Ebay and its password locked acces is denied for write/read so i cant do anything with it , cant format, what can i do?

Hi @cxovel ,

Kindly refer to the article USB Dual Drive & Ixpand: 3rd Party Windows Software Format as FAT32:

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

i cant format because there is no format option :wink:

SanDisk Portable SSD is a type of external solid-state drive designed for storing and transferring data. These drives are compact, lightweight, and offer high-speed data transfer rates, making them ideal for users who need to transfer large amounts of data quickly. Regards flixoid on android

If you have purchased a password-locked SSD from eBay and cannot access or format it, you may need to contact the seller or the SSD manufacturer for assistance in unlocking or resetting the password.
If you’re having trouble retrieving your data from a damaged SanDisk Extreme SSD, there’s a helpful guide page you can visit. Simply click on SanDisk Extreme SSD Failure: Tips to Prevent from Further Damage to access it. This page offers detailed instructions and valuable tips to help you recover your lost files. I sincerely hope this information proves useful to you in resolving the issue and retrieving your important data.