SanDisk policy (warranty) regarding refurbished SanDisk products

There is no warranty from SanDisk regarding any refurbished product.  

It is difficult to find this information.  SanDisk users are encouraged to use a forum amongst each other, where no clear information is given.  

I am unable to find a policy regarding refurbished products other than that it doesn’t seem to exist.  Also, SanDisk may or may not refurbish products themselves, a fact I can neither confirm or deny which further clouds the issue for the consumer, as it was information shared among users of a forum SanDisk encourages consumers to use to get information.  

One thread in particular shows a consumer who was asking this very question and was met with “SanDisk does not cover refurbished products” by “SanDisk Guru’s” who I assume are supposed to fill the function of “lay” moderators, but not actually furnished with official or real information nor associated with the company in any real way.  The consumer illustrated various points from vendors indicating why they were confused about the issue, and was met with derision and called a “troll” and told they were in the wrong place and the thread was locked.  

Of course, I disagree, they had come to SanDisk to for concrete answers, couldn’t find them, talked to users in the forum and was treated poorly.  

Other than that, they had taken the correct action, or attempted to, in spite of the information from authorized vendors which was what the consumer was illustrating had led to his confusion.

Now I’ve personally dealt with this issue.  I had been led to believe that SanDisk had refurbished the product by the authorized vendor.  I can neither confirm nor deny this fact, simply because I can’t find out if it’s true, though I wish I didn’t have to try and figure out whether or not it was true.  That’s unfortunate.

I was informed by a technical support representative of SanDisk that SanDisk itself would take no action regarding a defective refurbished item.  This information, while coming from an official representative, was circumspect in my viewpoint, because the solution offered by the representative prior to deducing the unit was defective (and therefore not covered) and was that the files I was using in the device were causing the issue, which was technically impossible and I pointed this out to the Technical Support agent, leading me to believe that I was supposed to be a less-educated and less-informed consumer and accept an incorrect and misleading fact that was impossible to prove, therefore obviating responsibility on the part of SanDisk regarding the device.

Still do not understand if SanDisk refurbishes their products, though vendors seem to give the indication that this is the case.  They can’t really do this if it’s not true, however it does make for a good sales pitch and therefore good business.  Also, Technical Support representatives giving information that is not true, however obviates responsibility makes for good business.  Encouraging the use of a technical support forum amongst consumers of the product fosters a sense of community and obviates responsibility, so therefore makes good business.  I, as a consumer, would enjoy purchasing a working product, however, or being met with effective actions by the company towards myself as a consumer.

 Glad to see you have a running profitable business, though.

In my experience, refurbs (at least in the U.S.) rarely come with the original warranty; typically they may have a 30 or 90-day warranty. It all depends on the terms of sale, from the seller (and as vs. terms from the manufacturer, typically).