SanDisk pixtor 32gb microsd hc 1. Shows 0 data? I just need my priceless data off of card..

SanDisk pixtor 32gb microsd hc 1 Corrupted card? I just need my priceless data off of card…

  1. First I couldn’t safely remove hardware.

  2. Nothing was being used on the card that I could find even though it said it something was using card.

  3. So, I shut down the computer.

  4. Removed the card.

  5. I mounted SdCard on cell.

  6. Even thought I could view all my files I could not open any document. Read only.

  7. I tried to copy a file on the sd card. Sdcard error said card couldn’t be read.

  8. Sdcard unmounted by itself.

  9. Everytime I tried to mount Sd unmonted.

  10. So, mounted the Sdcard reader in my laptop

  11. Virus definition update started poping up.

  12. So I removed the updating antivirus software. Rebooted computer.

  13. Unmount continued.

  14. Placed sdcard into a 2nd cell

  15. I could view files for about 1 minite, then it started to unmount again.

  16. So, Mounted the card into computer to run a deleted file recovery program.

  17. No sd card found.

  18. I tried mounting and unmounting. Nothing

  19. I tried search on the card vie windows explorer. Explorer would search for 10 minites no results

  20. Clinked read only on the adapter to prevent further damage

  21. Installed Multiablr File Recovery programs only 7-data recovery found files.

  22. Stop recovery program @ 3,000 files I have a total of

  23. 6,000 files or 29GB

  24. It’s now asking me if I want to format it.

What should I do, quick format it? Try 7-data recovery first? I found hundreds of programs people in forums say I should try. Any suggestions help… : /


if you want to recover the files then you should do that first before formating the card, because if you format the card then all data will be lost from the card and it will be more difficult to restore them. so try the recovery first and see what will be available after it. then you can try it once again after you formatted the card to see if you can still recover some more files from the card.

as a recovery software you can also try the rescue pro that is recommended by sandisk direct.

as a recovery software you can also try the rescue pro that is recommended by sandisk direct.

A link would be helpful.


here you can find the links from the sandisk kb

RescuePro/RescuePro Deluxe for PC
RescuePro/RescuePro Deluxe for Mac