Sandisk pendrive 3.0 with 3.0 port not recognised by bootmanager (BIOS)

I recently bought SanDisk Ultra USB 128GB Pendrive. I want to make it bootable (Windows to go). But when I plugged it into my laptop (Lenovo G50-80) 3.0 port it is not recogniged by Boot manger(BIOS). But when I plugged into my 2.0 port it successfully recognised.

On the other hand there is no problem in my 3.0 port because when I plugged a 3.0 external hdd into 3.0 port bootmanger successfully recognised it.

Why bootmanger not able to recognised this 3.0 pendrive with 3.0 port only?
Please help
Sorry for bad english.

Maybe your machine is having problems booting into 3.0 ports, Try booting it on another laptop or or try it on PC