Sandisk Orbit 32GB taking long to transfer file

I am transfer a file from my hard drive to the flash drive. It takes for a 2GB file over 5 minutes. why is this usb so slow and it is new. 

this is an entry level device so the speed you are seeing is normal. If you are interested in a performance device look at the SanDisk Extreme USB 3 SDCZ80

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In principle, if we compare what it takes to record a DVD, 2GB in a  pendrive in 5 minutes is very good.
But keep in mind, that aside from having the updated USB Driver, the problem of speed in file transfers in Windows is due to its high consumption of resources.
This can be seen very easily, making the following experiment:

1 - Back to copy to USB Flash, 2GB and record the time it takes.
2 - Open the ‘Task Manager’, select the ‘Performance’ tab and [observe memory consumption, etc.], annotate and make a Print Screen to check later.

After having these data, compare it to the following experiment:

We got the ‘TeraCopy’ program (free for home use):
We then use this program as ‘intermediary’ between ‘Windows and USB Flash’ y we repeat 1- and 2- for this case.

We compare the two cases, and we’ll get a nice surprise.

I clarify that this great piece of software, I use it personally for years, and I consider  basic to complement Windows.
It also has other benefits for file transfers, which will give them much joy when known.
I leave another ‘great little program’ (free) to complement: SpeedOut 0.5

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