SanDisk music problem

Hi, I copied 6 gb music from the PC to the SAN disc, then copied those files to the phone. But when I go to music  in the SAN disc app there are 4 albums with 1 track each. 

Then slowly albums start appearing , but it takes forever.  No if I click on any album there is just 1 song. 

This happens each time I try to access the music. Generating thumbnails 

why is this happening? I have 17 albums now all with one song in them.after 10 min.

yet if I go to  song view they all seem to be there. Now it’s 19 albums all with just one track. 

Thanks for your help.

it will take a while to parse the meta data and generate the thumbnails. 

Ok but this is not the first time , I’ve added nothing new since the last time. Now there are 22 albums. That’s how many hours… non functioning. 

Why? The song list shows them all but that’s pretty much unusable for the language learning Tracks.

In fact the playlist only includes tracks within iTunes , so it’s useless for the 6 gb in the SanDisk folder!!

Secondly the album list on the phone does not work, only when the device is plugged in do the  albums on th phone become acessable and very slowly at that . Perhaps it’s faulty? 

this is really not acceptable , it means that basically a device marketed for certain purposes is not fit for those purposes. False advertising…

san disc has a  good reputation , don’t **bleep** it up with a poorly supported , disfunctional piece of hardware or software.

fix it. Cheers