Sandisk mp3 players in general

Have they moved past the major pitfall of the previous generations regarding the SD Cards? I had a sansa a long time ago and if you put music on an SD card it was a completely separate entity that was not accessed by the “albums/artists/genre, etc” menus and you had to actually go in to the card on the main screen into a folder based system where you couldn’t even play everything on the card on random. It was incredibly frustrating. Have they actually started SUPPORTING sd cards, or is it still this joke of a system? This decides whether or not I buy from them.

I don’t know what player(s) in the past you had this experience with, but everything since (at least) the e200 series (3-4 years ago) has listed and played files from both the internal memory and external SD card seamlessly.

Thank god! That killed me. I had a sansa maybe 5 years ago and that drove me bonkers.

What’s really funny is that exactly what you describe (folder navigation) was dropped in favor of ID3 tag-based listings (Artists, Albums, Tracks, etc.), and people revolted so much they had to add it back in in a firmware update a couple years ago on the Fuze model. The subsequent models (except for the Fuze+) had had it from the git-go. It was added via a firmware update for the Fuze+ too.

There were, shall I say, some rather passionate and enthusiastic discusions here for some time regarding the attributes of both tag-based and folder-based systems. :wink: