SanDisk model C150, voice doesn't work well

I bought it two months ago from futureshop. Something has become wrong with the voice from about 5 days ago. For both mp3 and FM radio, sometimes there’s only music, no singer’s voice, sometimes I can’t hear anything. I also found the voice is very sensitive to the position of the player. I’ve tried other new batteries and earphones. and things are getting worse these two days, less and less voice is coming out.

please tell me what’s wrong and how and where to repair it? thanks.

Sounds like a defective player, maybe you should give sandisk a call at 866.Sandisk; or just email

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Hello guy, I just have the same problem that you have. My first c150 was replaced because the screen was frozen, now I have my new mp3 c1450. This mp3 has 2 months in use, and last night night it was working right, but today when I turned it up, I couldn’t hear the voices , just the music and with a ugly sound. I also thought I was the headphone or the battery, but I replaced the battery and used other headphones and nothing. I think these mp3 have a lot of problems.

Could somebody tell me what to do?