sandisk microsd 2gb how to transfer texts?

Can someone please tell me how to transfer texts from my verizon lg phone to the sandisk microsd 2gb?

this may not even be possible but i would check with verizon or the phones user manual to be sure. 

If you are using a simcard on your phone, by default it will be stored their. I dont think it is possible to store texts in an SSD card. It is only used for multi media and text is not one of it. To double check, verizon is the best company to talk to about this.  


I think verizon has its own pc suite, if there is one, maybe you could install it first and try to search for backup sync, in that way you can backup your text to your sd.

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Text messages cannot be transferred from phone to phone using a memory card. You have the option to send any messages you want to save to an email address before you switch the phones from one to the other. Once the equipment is switched over, you can then send them back.

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