SanDisk® Memory Zone FAQs

Hi there!

Congrats for the app but i’m in a little trouble. I made a backup form the phone internal memory to the SD card and then when I try to restore apps it doesn’t happen at all.

First at all, when i try to restore this screen appears:

screenshot 1

It shows me that there are 35 apps into the backup but then, whe i try to restore from and select from memory card, this appears:

screenshot 2

Where are my apps to restore? The only way to perform the restore is manually?


Is the phone you are trying to restore the apps on the same phone that you did the backup on? If not see the below FAQ #10 for the reason:

  1.  Why can’t I perform a restore on some phones that are different than the phone that the backup was performed on?
  • The phone that you are going to perform a restore on must have the same memory configuration/attributes as the phone that the backup was performed on. E.g., music from the Droid Incredible’s Phone Memory cannot be restored to Nexus One’s Phone Memory because the Nexus One does not allow internal memory access from apps.


No, i try to perform the restore in the same phone. It’s a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo (Android 2.3.4).

But I did the backup because I updated the rom from 2.3.3 official to 2.3.4 official. It could be a problem?

Anyway, if i restore apps manually can i recover data or only the apps?


Update… you cannot restore apps using the Restore feature. This is by design so that you don’t copy apps (especially ones you paid for) from one phone to another. However, you can do this manually, one at a time, as you have mentioned.


A warning about it could be fine

Thanks anyway.

Category navigation is cute, but how do you handle thousands of items?

I have around 4000 pictures just in Picasa, and dealing with them in a single list is impossible.

How do you handle hundreds of files with MemoryZone? Is there a way that I may be missing?

@nuno: We have just added a Search feature to help you along these lines. Also, we are considering adding a folder/file navigation option in a future release.

I’m having a problem with the app on my Samsung Mesmerize.  I haven’t been able to back anything up successfully at all.  Not one single session has backed anything up.  What’s wrong?

@MongotheDerp: Please provide more details like where are you trying to back (card or cloud service)? Check to see that you have enough space on the target backup area. Also, you may want to try on a different WiFi access point or over 3/4g as some corporate firewalls block certian cloud services. Let me know what you discover… you can email us at


i need a mini SD card were x

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I have read most of the post and it seems that you can not restore applications even though you can back them up.

Why give user the false impression that they can backup and restore apps I have purchased.

If I do reinstall my apps individually is there any where I can find the data created by a given app?

You should take anything referring to apps from your promotional literature and from your screen views.

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Was told by Teer 2 tech at Verizon to use this app to backup my droidrazormaxx, before resetting phone to f. settings. I did and I put all pics on p.c. for protection.glad that I did…and I do Not have that many apps etc. downloaded etc. Backedup phone to sdcard per V. advice.

BUT, when went to restore my data, it did not restore all contacts, or the apps like Verizon said it would do. 

Now, have to go back and redo all my freakin apps etc. and what the hell, my contacts…who remembers numbers to contacts…**bleep** i am peod.

32 GB SD Memory card not working purchased just 15 day before only, not at all opening  found defective why this type of products pushing the market it is cheeting

My 32GB micro sd with all my babies pics  cannot be detected by any device I’m putting it in. Please help me recover my data. Thanks.

Under Online Services #3…I’ve tried several times to add Box but it continually states “Unsuccessful login” and I am already a Box user.

#4 change account login information…when I click on ‘Edit service login information’  it states “No cloud services have been registered”.

Pls help!


CCleaner Happy Wheels  VLC thanks alot