Sandisk Media Manager Incompatibility


I tried contacting live support on this but got no help.

I am running Sandisk Media Manager in Windows 8.1 x64.  In Windows 7 x64, the program worked fine until KB3045999 which was a Windows update regarding security.  If I removed that, the program worked fine.

In Windows 8.1, the program does not run at all.  I had to set it to Windows 7 in Compatibility Mode in order for the program to even run, and I get an error message.  

I’m not new to Windows and do IT for a living.  I did a little reading here - - and uninstalled what the article referred to as the Windows 8.1 version of that security update, but same issue, I get the error message.

Could Sandisk take a look into this?  Or at least tell us which security update is causing the issue?  I have a feeling I’m not the only one having this issue, and after reading a few of the threads here it feels like there is zero care or importance on getting this fixed from Sandisk.

Thank you.

Here is a picture of the error I am getting when I run in compatibility mode. 

Could someone from Sandisk please get me an answer on this soon?  I liked using this program a lot in Windows 7 and you guys should stand your product.  I don’t feel very optimistic considering I posted this question around 1:00PM today and haven’t even gotten an acknowledgment that the issue is being investigated.


A week has passed and no answer from SanDisk yet.

@hogger129 wrote:

A week has passed and no answer from SanDisk yet.

That’s because this is a users forum, not a tech support forum. Nor is it monitored by SanDisk except for the Admin.

For advice or technical support on a SanDisk product or service, you should contact SanDisk directly:

Then by all means please provide help.  I have already tried contacting Sandisk and they basically told me it’s a legacy product they don’t care.

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No problem.  Thanks for the help.  I am going to find a company with better support.

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the answer seems pretty simple. You are asking about compatibility issues for an application that is no longer distributed or supported. regardless if someone told you exactly which OS security update caused the issue it would never be fix because the application is no longer supported. Besides that there are tons of better application out there that do the same functions as media manager so just find something else to use would be my advise. 

Care to name a few?  And if the application is no logner supported, then Sandisk should pull it from the site.

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It’s funny how something like a Media Manager is no longer supported- yet Sandisk cannot answer ANY kind of questions about what appears to be a common issue? I keep getting a missing virtual machine component. ALL I needed to know from Sandisk is that if I uninstall and reinstall the Sandisk Media Manager from my programs list in the control panel will I lose all of the pictures and such that I downloaded to the Media manager in the first place… Geesh- could that be so blasted hard to get ONE answer from someone? I just don’t want to lose all of the items that were in the software program. Plus I don’t know how to fix the virtual machine component thing in Windows 7 64bit… Or if it is fixable. I’m not very tech savvy and would hate to lose hundreds of pictures.