Sandisk Media Converter shutting down my computer - help please


I recently installed the Sandisk Media Converter.  While trying to convert a Divx movie about 16 mb, it will get about 20-25% into it and then my computer will shut down.  Running the normal Windows XP… any ideas?


Do you have any other “codec” packs installed?  They might conflict.

You could try uninstalling the media converter, restarting the computer, then try reinstalling.

Then it’s time to call Bill G.-   :angry:

hey i got s solution but first things first get rid of sansa media converter or stop using it because it does not work its sucks. here is what you do

  1. go to google and download the free version of Prism Video Converter and install it
  2. Make sure you have Quicktime Player 7.0 because you need it later on so download it first trust me. Make sure u download it FIRST!!
  3. after u install it click the, add files button and pick your video
  4. at the bottom there is a button called output format, click it and pick .mp4
  5. convert the file and the converted file it will be saved in My Documents
  6. open my computer and go to Tools > Folder Options > View & click show hidden files and then OK
  7. after the conversion is complete open My Documents and take the file & Cut & Paste it in the Sana  Drive in the VIDEO FOLDER!!. Make sure it is in the VIDEO folder and it is a file that opens with quick time

Also check in the file properties to make sure it is a MPEG 4 file.

If you followed the steps carefully it should work IT DID FOR ME!!!

Relpy to my technique plz!

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