Sandisk iXpand won't record video continuously to drive attached to iPhone 5s with limited memory

Hi, please help!

I just bought a 32GB SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive, and wish to record video directly to it, from my iPhone 5s. I have very little memory on my phone, and a need to record about 7 mins of video, which is why I bought this device. SanDisk support told me pre-purchase, that I could record directly to the flash drive, regardless of available memory on my cell phone.

I’m testing it now, but keep getting the message “Your iPhone is critically low on memory. Video recording may not complete.”

When I proceed to try recording video, about 60-65 seconds in, the recording stops and I get the message, “iPhone on low free space please free some space and try again.”

I don’t understand why it requires free space on my cell, if the whole objective was to record directly to the drive, not the phone?

Also, I’ve completed this “testing” process many times in a row, and now have seven separate, 60-second videos (@128mb each) on the drive, so clearly it has the capacity to hold the amount of recorded time that I need, so then why is it stopping at the 60-65 second mark?

Any ideas that can help remedy this issue?  Aside from deleting everything on my cell, which isn’t much of an option as there’s really nothing on my cell, it just happened to have come with the minimum amount of memory and the operating system uses most of that.

this is a limitation of iOS. iOS allows pictures to be taken directly to a storage device like the iXpand however in all versions of iOS videos are shot to the internal memory first and then transferred to the external storage. Basically to shoot a video you must have enough free space in the internal memory to store the entire video and once the video is complete it will transfer to the external storage. Again this is a limitation of iOS. 

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SanDisk’s ixpand mini flash drive ads say that customers can “record directly” to the ixpand drive.  No “except if you’re using an iphone.”  SanDisk’s *instructions* also SHOW an upper left icon that states that customers can “record directly” to the ixpand drive.  No “except if you’re using an iphone.”  Please stop stating that claim.  Or else tell us what the secret is to not FIRST have to record to our phone and THEN transfer it to the ixpand drive.  That process, of course, is NOT “directly” recording to the ixpand drive.  I end up getting a “critically low on memory” message, and only getting about a minute of recording time before the recording stops.  NOT what I was buying into when I bought this drive.

pictures can be taken directly to the drive however due to the way iOS devices work video must be recorded to the internal memory then it is moved to the removable memory. There is nothing sandisk can do about this, it is a limitation and design of iOS devices. 

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Thank-you! Yes, I discovered exactly this.