SanDisk Introduces the SanDisk® Clip Sport MP3 Player

Well, I’ve had this gizmo for a few months now, and I LOVE it.  It is exactly what I wanted:  A small, light, no-frills MP3 player I can bring to the gym, and leave my expensive smartphone locked safely away.

I find the fidelity quite good, the bass rich and smooth and the treble clear, as long as the recorded material is reasonably good.  I’m using it with a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-CKP500 in-ear sport phones, and if the recorded material is of good quality the sound is astonishingly good.  And, unless the music is not properly normalized to 0dB, the volume goes louder than I need.

Because I don’t try to store my entire music collection on the thing, I’ve had no complaints about the capacity.  I’ve got 67 CDs worth of music on there at the moment, enough not to get bored and have to swap music before every trip to the gym.  That accounts for 6GB of the 8GB, and a skosh over 700 tracks.  Why the HECK do I need more than that?! 

I looked at units costing twice what this one cost me before I made my purchase.  For what I want the thing for, I doubt I’d be more satisfied with any of those than I am with this guy.

So, people looking here for ideas about whether to buy this unit, here’s my advice: 

If you need a full-featured MP3 player that can wash your clothes and store every track on the internet, this ain’t it.  Spend the money and buy what you need.

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight MP3 player that sounds good, packs a punch, and won’t send you into a crying jag if you smash it with a dumbbell or drown it running in a hurricaine, this is a very good choice.


I bought two players recently that were not made by Sandisk, although when the Clip Sport went on sale recently, I also bought an extra Clip Sport. I had gone for over a year without buying any players, so spending under $200 for three players(two of which were on sale) wasn’t so bad. I spend almost that much for my first flash memory based player 10 years ago, and it had only 1GB of storage. The other two players I bought don’t have FM radio.

The Clip sport even with its shortcomings is still so much better than the more expensive ipod Shuffle. The Shuffle lacks a card slot, a display, and FM radio which the Clip Sport has. 

Have people here had success using class 10 cards in their Clip Sport? With the Sandisk firmware the Clip+ and Clip Zip have issues with cards faster than class 4. I am wondering if the Clip Sport works okay with class 10 cards. 

@jk98 wrote:

With the Sandisk firmware the Clip+ and Clip Zip have issues with cards faster than class 4.

Some people have had this issue, some not (I haven’t, for one). 

If you can’t add an album to the playlist then that is a deal-breaker for me.