SanDisk full and locking up computer

Hi-Haven’t found an answer to this in the forum, so I hope you can help.

SOmehow I exceeded the space on the SAndisk and when I plug it into my computer the computer locks up and tells me to restart. The SAndisk gives me a message that says there’s not enough space and to free up 30MB. BUt I can’t free up because I’m not able to access the SAndisk on the computer to delete files.  I’ve tried to restart the SAndisk but am not sure how.  

This is the simple 2GB SAndisk-- there is no record button.  

I tried putting the switch in the hold position, and holding down the center button while cnnecting the usb but sae thing happens- the computer locks up and I have to restart. I’ve also tried on my other computer- same deal.

Any answers?