Sandisk Flash Drive not detected on my computer or under device management

Hi… I have had my flash drive for about a year and it has worked perfectly until now. When I plug it in it does not  show up under my computer or even in device management. I haven’t done any damage to it… at least I don’t think I have like I never leave it in my laptop over night and I didn’t drop it  in water, so I’m not sure whats wrong. I’m hoping its hasn’t died being as though I have a lot of important files on there and if it has is there any way to recover these documents?? Thanks in advance for any help :frowning:

" I didn’t drop it  in water"

Actually these drives have been known to survive trips thru the washing machine. :wink:

Maybe this link can help.

Another option is to try a different pc.

That’s pretty cool… at this point I wish putting it through the washing machine was my only problem! Unfortunately I tried it on 2 desktops and my laptop, and dust mites weren’t the culprit. I’m sure it’s dead. I just hope there is a way to save my files or I’m screwed.

It doesn’t sound good for you tua53177.  You need to take it to a professional service area if you want your files saved.