Sandisk Extreme pro SSD 3.1 256GB


Last month i purchased my Sandisk extreme pro ssd 3.1 256gb through amazon from france delivered by me from a friend.

Since the first time i have been using it, its getting pretty hot even on idle mode and gets hotter even after using it ( read write ).

I’ve seen some posts and seen some people like getting replacement and some of them stated the the issue is no longer presisted aka not being hot anymore.

Is there a solution or a firmware maybe or something i can do, the thing is i cannot return the item to amazon since my friend went back to france and honestly i dont want to pay shipping back and forth which will approximately cost the same for a new USB drive and i live in Lebanon.

Best regards,


Does anyone would like to reply ?

Thre are 2 options; 1. accept the situation as it is or 2. return it to SanDisk or the seller for a replacement.  You don’t like either option so there is not much to say.  :slight_smile:

or maybe sandisk should manufacture better products.