Sandisk extreme pro 128Go impossible to create NTFS partition

I have a sandisk extreme pro 128Go usb and I try to format them in NTFS in windows and it’s impossible.
The only way I success to format them it’s on my MAC but the NTFS partition was non visible on Windows…
On my MAC and can use HFS or NTFS partition with no problem, but on Windows the key doesn’t work…
Some one have a solution for me ?

Ps : i try on windows XP, seven or 8.1 nothing work…
Windows see 2 partitions on my key but can’t format them.

I just solved myself the problem… talk here was a good idea LoL

So my problem was when I format the key the first time I use my MAC, and by default the MAC use GUID partition to format the key and on Windows we should use MBR partition.

So when I format the USB key on my MAC using the Disk Utility, on partition tab change the “option” when create an NTFS partition  to MBR partition (instead of GUID by default)

After that format the key and that’s it !

Work fine now, I’m happy with this wonderful usb key , design by Sandisk :wink:

:smiley:  Hello!

Please, see link:

Regards, Alfred.