SanDisk extrême in a Imac mi-2007


I’m interresting to buy this SSD, the 480Go one, for my Imac :

2,8 ghz core 2 duo extrême 24" mi-2007.

I think i don’t have the chipset NVIDIA with cause many troubles whith him.

I have an Intel ICH8-M AHCI

Picture better than words :


Can you confirm that i will not have problèms with this SSD ?

Up to 3Go/s ?

Thanks a lot for your answers !

I think you have understand that english is not my natal language.


the ssd should work fine with your computer. 

Ok, thanks, that’s a good news !


well, i confirm this SSD work perfectly with my Imac.

Update done

Trim activate

excelent !