Sandisk Extreme III 16GB - Corrupt NEF files


I used the above mentioned card & shot 500+ raw images on a Nikon D3s

When I try & access the card (using a Sandisk card reader) I am asked to format the card before it can be used.

Next step I used data recovery software to recover the files, this recovered the files & copied them to my harddrive. The files appear to be the correct size for their type (typically 11-12MB) but Lightroom / Photoshop / Nikon Capture are all stating the files are corrupted.

I am shortly going to take the card to a data recovery specialist & will let you know how it goes although, after a short chat on the photone it appears that SanDisk III Extreme cards include some encryption which may be an issue.

Anyone else had similar problems?

Incidentally, this is not an issue with either the camera, the software or my operating system, I have eliminated all of these as potential causes of the problem.



Hey friend if you have already reformatted your memory card containing videos and now searching for tool for NEF Video Recovery then go with video recovery software to recover and retrieve all lost.


Don’t know Nikon View; is that displaying the small thumbnail, or the whole image?

If Nikon View displays the whole image, the file wouldn’t be corrupt, something else would be the problem.

What is the size of the files? I have a D70 and my NEF files are around 5.1Mb, 5.2Mb.

Can you post a link to one of these corrupt NEF files? I’d be curious to see at what point the corruption takes place.