Sandisk Extreme 500, Enable TRIM OSX?

Planning to upgrade my 2013 iMac with the Sandisk Extreme 500, and use it as system disk. My question should I enable TRIM or do nothing, El Capitan?


i would like to inform you that first of all the portable ssds cannot be used as system and bootable disks since it was planend to use as a secondary and storage drive. so you wont be able to enable the trim option on the drive and i do not think that it will hold up as a system drive and will fail in a very short time

so i suggest using a normal sata drive in that case to ensure that the drive will work fine with the system. 

It is not true that it cannot be used as system or bootable disk. And disappointed to hear you don’t have any confidence in Sandisk products. I mean with a warranty of 3 years and with a pricetag of higher end SSD drives, it should be able to handle system disk standards.

If I am not mistaking, there is a SATA drive inside the Extreme 500, a drive of the Plus series, should be able to withstand constant read/write for many years, or correct me if I am wrong?

Read in a rewiev that Sandisk confirmed that the Extreme 500 does supports TRIM, but then again I read allot of people saying it cannot be enabled on USB drives, so am a little confused, and not much details on Sandisk website for the Extreme 500 SSD.


Image of the inside of the Extreme 500 SSD, does appears to be a SATA drive:



first of all i have confidence in sandisk products however this drive was manufactured to be an external drive not a boot drive, so the recommended use would be for data storage. Furthermore the Trim commands do not pass through a usb connection even though some softwares will send the command and say that trim was performed. 

so even the drive is a sata drive inside the connection  is still usb so the trim command will not work as good as it would run on a normal sata drive. 

of course this is my knowledge and opinion on this. 

Good job If they got your point.!!! :slight_smile: