SANDISK Extreme 16GB SDHC UHS-I warming issue?


I have a strange issue with one type of SD card…

I have bought 3 of the following SD cards end of last year:

(the new gold label ones)

Till now 2 is absolutely dead. Ths situation is that, when I start recording video (tested with several different cameras) it gets very warm. I could only use my cards once, because after I finished recording the card was unreadable. The next card was failured during the recording process. I have tested these cards in Canon 6D, 5DM3, G16, the situation is was the same. The card and the camera body gets hot in a few seconds after start the recording and the cards go wrong. For using photographs only card is fine.

After it goes wrong, I can not even read the cards with card-reader, dslr, imagebank device or any other reader devices. Can not even format the card. There is no any media anymore in the card-reader, so it is definetly failured.

I have get my money back from the reseller partner in HU, they were very flexible. I am using Sandisk SDHC and CF cards for yeards now for professional photography. I have dozens of cards from the old grey and black ultra and extreme series, but this gold label ones are pretty bad.

I do not know have you ever see this situation in your hands, but these cards are totaly unstable and useless for HD recording for me :frowning:

Have you got any idea what caused this problem with this cards?