SanDisk e260 Firmware update Failure

I updated my firmware to the latest version (i believe it was 1.4 or something) and it completed successfully, I moved songs onto it and it played well. I notice after a few days of non-use it had a blank screen so I put it on a charger over night but now it still has the blank screen. I removed the battery but still nothing. I attempted to reload the firmware but the device isn’t recognized by the pc, I mean the pc doesn’t even attempt to register it as a device (tried that on two pcs). I assume the firmware is hosed but how do I reload the firmware when it’s not even recognized by the pc.

Let’s try the simplest things first.  Was the firmware version 1.02.24?  This would be a v1 device.  Think about the “splash” screen when you turned on the e260.  Did you see a SanDisk logo with sunburst (this is a v1), or did you see a Sandisk logo with reflection below, and a blue sansa logo that flashes a moment later (this is a v2 device).

For either machine, press and hold the menu / power button for 20 seconds, release, then see if the device is back to normal.  The v1 and v2 devices have different processors, so recovery of each is a little different.

The v1 machines also have a separate internal circuit board housing the memory devices, a module that can, on occasion, be jostled from its socket.  In this case, the e260 can’t locate your music, or that firmware code either.  Not a happy situation.  To rectify this, carefully remove the back cover, it has four Philips #00 screws (don’t lose them!).  At the top, you’ll se a black rectangular raised area, above the battery module.  Press down gently at the grey foam block, this foam is atop the memory module.  If you felt a shift, or a soft click, the module had unplugged from the main board.

Let me know how it goes!

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry I just don’t recall the logo if I had to guess I would say it was the sunburst. The version of the firmware was the lastest one found by the Sandisk firmware utilility. I took the back off and removed the battery I see the black foam and could even remove the black rectangle, but nothing looked loose. My model number found under the battery is e200PBO712193021

I see on the back of the device e260v2 I guess that answers that question.

@zeekpublic wrote:

I see on the back of the device e260v2 I guess that answers that question.

Not necessarily. If it is a re-furbished unit, it could have a back plate from either a v1 or v2 model.

Well I’m happy to report that it’s working. I can’t explain why as the only thing I did was remove the black foam looked inside to confirm that nothing was loose. I don’t know if it was removing the battery because I had already removed it multiple times with out an affect. It still has to make it through a complete drain and charge so I’ll keep posting updates.