SanDisk drive won’t eject

When I click the eject button, the windows explorer says the usb stick is ejected, but other programs can still see it after the ejection. Is there a fix for this?

I don’t think Linux systems have this problem.  Delete Windows and upgrade to Ubuntu. :wink:

Or just wait a few seconds/minutes; it not always instantaneous.

Hey. Your flash drive has problems and you decide to format this USB drive in Windows. But it became interesting to me guys, format the disk in order to clean it first. I think I should do it or not. How to solve such a task FAT32 and the size of the default allocation unit? Or you need to solve - Error 0x80042405-0xA001A is one of them. You may encounter this in the process of creating your bootable media. And I know how to help you - just read the solution on the site and that’s all the solution