SanDisk Dashboard totally blank display

Just installed the latest Dashboard version on my i3 laptop with a new clean install of Windows 10 including all updated drivers. When I start Dashboard, its window is totally blank. I’ve deleted and reinstalled as Administrator and same result. How to fix?

Dashboard has a command line option “-disable-gpu” which can be added to the shortcut on the desktop and may help resolve your issue. This will change how the application draws itself with GPU acceleration or without, it does not affect your system GPU in any way.

The way to add the command line to a shortcut in Windows is as follows:
Right click the icon on your Desktop, then click Properties, then click Shortcut Tab, then you can add -disable-gpu text to the Target field after the path to the executable.

Hopefully that will resolve your issue. If not, customer support may be able to help.

Thanks @LostLinuxGuy, I had high hopes for that tip, but unfortunately it didn’t work :pleading_face:. Turns out that it will run in Safe Mode, but there’s no internet so it can’t check for updated firmware. I can’t imagine what is blocking it in “regular” (non Safe Mode), since this is a fresh clean install with almost no additional software added :thinking: