SanDisk Curzer 8GB Flash Drive Help

Hi I’ve got a SanDisk 8GB Flash Drive I’ve had it for 3 months now but for some reason now I can only use 938Mb of the Flash Driver and the other 6.62GB I can’t use as its only showing the 938MB of the flash Drive and the flash drive is empty please help I’ve tried to extend partition but it aint showing up as I can’t do that plus I’ve tried doing a full format but still only the 938Mb is showing when I try to send files to flash drive and  when I goto Disk Management my Sandisk is showing up with 2 partitions 1 says 950 Fat 32 (primary partition) and the 2nd partition says 6.60 both have blue at top please help as I would like to use the full use of my sandisk curzer flash drive please 8GB thanks :cry: