sandisk cruzer titanium 8gb

Hello, could someone send me an image of this pendrive made in winhex?

I’ve made bootable usb using poweriso and now I have lost my pendrive capacity from 8gb to about 130mb divided into two external drives. Could anyone help me to recover my 8bg? Format, write zeros not working. Programms always shows only that small capacity.

Talk to the people who made PowerISO.

You’re going to need something like Parted Magic to fix the problem.

BTW I boot my USB sticks also, both as files and as ISOs using GRUB4DOS.  1 partition, no lost space.

Nice set up you have there. Unfortunately you need a specialist to do this. I don’t think Power ISO can help you to. You can try and hopefully they will. 

I’ve already tried gparted, parted magic and a lot of other stuff. No progress for now. There is something in MBR, stupid poweriso changed it for no reason. I’ve tried to create new usb bootable disk once again, but nothing happens, powersio says ther is no enough space on pendrive. **bleep** happens, the problem is even chip genius can’t read cheap info. Maybe if I colud write an image copy from other, working model in winhex. I’m so fu… angry, this is my favourite usb stick and now i useless.