Sandisk Cruzer Switch 8 GB Pen Drive Chip Broken

Hi All,

My pen drive chip is broken but i have lot of old data in that. I don’t even have back up and I really need to get this fixed. Can someone please urgently help me on that? How can I transfer data from broken chip ? I am literally depressed after loosing that data. Please help.

Try to find a local repair shop to see if they can fix the chip.  Or ask a local store if they can recommend a local repair shop.

I’ m sorry to what happened to you.

When the pen drive is corrupted, you canrecover deleted files from pen drive using CMD:

  1. Connect the corrupted pen drive to your computer.
  2. Go to Start button and right click.
  3. Click Command Prompt (Admin). The CMD will open.
  4. Type the pen drive letter, E.g. > F: , and press Enter.
  5. Type  attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* , press Enter and wait for few seconds.
  6. Check the pen drive, and your files would be restored.

This method could only work for repairing corrupted pen drive. If it fails to recover files, maybe you can try some pen drive data recovery tools. There are many data recovery tools, you can choose one to solve this urgent situation. The one I have used is Bitwar Data Recovery. It helped me when I lost data on my SD card and pen drive. Try it! Hope it will help!

The pen drive is not corrupted spammer, it’s B R O K E N.

Besides $49 annually for a recovery app is a little much IMHO.

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