Sandisk Cruzer Glide 32GB won't backup to Acronis

Anyone know why I can’t use Acronis True Image 2013 to backup to a SanDisk Glide 32GB flash drive? I have no trouble with Kingston and Maxell flash drives, but the SanDisk will backup from 75-250 GB and then will not be recognized by Windows. After the backup is aborted, running “properties” on the disk shows 0 used and 0 free. Removing and reinserting the drive brings up Checkdisk which offers to “scan and Fix”. It sometimes completes and sometimes doesn’t. When it completes it will show whatever was backed up by Acronis (usually less than 10% of the intended backup) but will not be recognized by Acronis. I have tried this over twenty times using different USB connections and always get the same results.  The drive will usually  copy single files and folders, but will usually abort before the  copy completes depending on the volume copied. Afterwards I get the same results as those following an Acronis backup.

I am using a relatively new Del1 XPS 8300 with Win 7 Professional 64 bit, an intel i7 processor, 12G RAM and 1TB hard drive. I’ll repeat. The Kingston and Maxell drives work fine.

Thanks for any ideas. (I know I could just quit using SanDisk and probably will, but I’d like to solve the problem.)