SanDisk Cruzer file transer problem: The system cannot find the file speficied

Any help available?

I can see my SanDisk Cruzer on My Computer as : Removable disk F:  But when I try to drag/drop any file to it from my C drive, I get the follow message from XP:   “The system cannot find the file speficied”  I am running Windows XP SP3.



Are you using dual boot on this Computer? Also try it in another PC and see if it’s still the same issue. You can probably reformat it as an option too. 

What happens when you try drag/drop files to a different Removable disk?

Since the error msg stated refers to a “file” and not a drive indicates the problem is on the pc not the Removable disk.  Probably the owner of the machine has a security app in place preventing people from “borrowing” his/their files.

And formating will the USB drive have no effect on the problem.