Sandisk Cruzer Enterprise FIPS

CD of Sandisk Cruzer Enterprise FIPS opening wery slowly!! About 3-5 min.

OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit)

How fix it? Please HELP!!

You may need to isolate the issue first. It could be PC related. Have you tried this with another PC to see if it behaves the same?

On PC’s with OS Windows XP all right! I’ve tested it on about 5-6 PCs. It’s really problem for us, because we have about 30 flash drives Sandisk Cruzer Enterprise FIPS, and abut 10% PCs with Windows XP :frowning:

Try checking security settings, AV & firewall & etc.  Also enable Task Manager before plugging the Cruzer in, see what the CPU usage is and if high what is using it.

I think this it, because OS try to indexing CD drive of SanDisk (my FlashDrive)??

 CPU is free :slight_smile:

After progress bar in “my computer” window comes to 100%, I can start launcher from CD. But I’m waiting about 3-5-10 minutes! It’s terribly!!

Good catch.  Indexing could do it.  Disable indexing for that drive.

I have a little problem. I can’t find how I can disable  it :frowning: