sandisk cruzer edge write protected.

I have an edge Cruzer 4GB USB flash drive, used only for a few days and all of a sudden it keeps telling me what is write protected. knowing what does not key to the locked
what is there anyone who had the same problem Is there a good solution or is the key and burned
help me
thank you

I have read dozens of useless remedies for this problem with SD card readers. I have found a solution. It is not pretty but it works.

  1. In My Computer, right click on the drive letter of your SD card and
  2. Eject it.
  3. Then pull the card out and stick it back in.
  4. Try to write to the card. If it works, GREAT! Proceed with your copying.
  5. If it DIDN’T work, repeat steps 1 through 4.

I have found that I sometimes have to try the process SEVERAL (6-8) times before I can write to the card.

I have found several references on the web to things called WRITE_PROT that lead me to believe that there is a software toggle inside the chip. Here are some lines from one .PDF file I found:


Those CMDs (I assume CMD stands for “Command” ) are listed in several .PDFs that are too technical for me to fully comprehend. Although I do not have the technical experience to prove it, I believe that this bit or setting is somehow being toggled by some kind of glitch. All I know is that I have been able to repeat my success on getting back write capabilities to my 1GB PNY SD card.


fix Write protection in cruzer edge pen Drive