sandisk connect compatable with android pie?

Just updated my pixel 2 xl to version 9 (pie) and sandisk connect no longer seems to connect to the stick.

I upgraded my OnePlus6 to pie as well and can connect via the wifi util on phone but will not via the connect app. I’ve reset both phone and stick but no dice. My OnePlus 3T works just fine (it has Oreo).

So are we just SOL???

All Android 9 Pie devices will be able to “Turn on WiFi Automatically” you don’t need to do anything. 

The tool itself still behaves in the same way on Pie as it did on Oreo, meaning it also requires you to have “Wi-Fi Scanning” turned on under the “Location” menu of the Settings app. Android 9 Pie is presently only available on Google’s Pixel devices and the Essential PH-1, though it will start hitting a broader range of handsets this fall.