Sandisk Clip Zip FM radio not working in India

I have a 4GB model that was purchased in US, but the radio functionality was never tested. I am now in India and trying to use it for the first time, but it doesn’t pickup any signal at all. The auto preset also doesn’t find a single station. I found the “Rest of the world” option under radio settings and switched to that, but it made no difference. I am in Hyderabad which has several FM stations with strong signal, so it is definitely not the lack of signal. I noticed that there is an update for the firmware, so I followed the manual update instructions and successfully updated it, selected English for language followed by “Rest of the world” for region, and yet there is no difference. I followed the manual update instructions including removing the microSD card.

I tried calling the India support number, but they didn’t provide any help stating that this model is not marked in India and that they would only provide support for the core mp3 player functionality. I am wondering if it is not expected to work in India or it is just a bad player. Any input is appreciated.

Not living in India, I can’t say for sure whether the radio function is supported there or not. What “is not marked in India” that the support person told you means, I have no idea.

You _ do _ have ear or headphones connected (and the cord more or less fully extended) while you’re attempting to locate FM stations, correct? It won’t work if you don’t, as this cord doubles as the FM antenna.

I would be tempted to call the local support center again, getting a different representative and see if you can’t get more assistance.

I’m not at all knowledgable about FM radio in India, but between your situation and the response you got from SanDisk/India, I’m wondering if the SanDisk radio somehow is not compatible with FM radio in India–is there something unique about FM radio in India that setting to one or the other of the Clip’s FM band settings won’t work with (and you tried both bands, right)? If you’re not getting a satisfactory answer from SanDisk/India (and, like Tapeworm, I’d suggest calling them again), you might try calling SanDisk customer service in the U.S. (if the call will be inexpensive) and see if they can help.

I am also from India. My zip`s fm radio works fine here in Delhi. Have never faced any problem whatsoever. I can also record all fm channels.


Possibly, then, a defective or broken FM radio functionality?  

Do make sure that the earphone cable is extended, though–that serves as the antenna.