SanDisk Clip Won't Play NPR Podcasts

Why can’t I play NPR podcasts on the SanDisk Clipdisc player ?  They are in MP3 format.  Is it because they are an hour long?  They are free, hence I have permission to download them.  Thanks -

I’ve never heard of problems playing NPR broadcasts on a Clip (unless, of course, there is some sort of copy protection on one of the particular shows).

After reading all your posts, I figured this out.

Please refer to my post:


When I tried davefender’s suggestion I wasn’t able to find my newly created folder. But for some reason, the “This American Life” episodes I had placed in that folder showed up in my ClipZip player in a “Podcast” folder, inside the “Books” folder.

I’ve since found that if I merely load my TAL episodes into the existing Podcast folder, I can play them from there.

Thanks for the update/report!   ???