Sandisk Clip+ with Raikko XS result in Sound Problems


i´ve bought the Raikko XS Vakuum today and the Sound is realy good for the size.

But there is a problem when i turn the sound louder, then it begins to “tack…tack…tack”.

This problem is only with the Sanza Clip+. With my old MP3 Player, and every other Sound device i tested the probleme is gone and i can hear much louder!!!

The Clip is working fine with all the other boxes i use…

Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english :smiley:

Are you sure the plug is fully inserted in the Clip+? The headphone jack is very tight when the player is new, and it may take a slight amount of force to get it in all the way.

the clip+ may not be providing enough power to push the speaker at high volume. you may need a headphone amp to use it. 

The problem begins when the Sanza is above ~80% Volume and only with the Raikko XS.

With my Phillips SHE8500,my 5.1Surround System, the Sanza Headphones…absolute no problems!

The plug is fully inserted and the player about 3month old.