SanDisk Clip suddenly not recognized on any computer

I’ve been using my clip for several months on my mac with no problems.  I plugged it in yesterday and now it won’t show up as a drive.  I’ve tried 3 macs and one pcwith  no luck.  I’ve also tried the MSC USB mode (both setting on the device and by switching it to hold and then holding down the center button while plugging into the computer) with no luck.  It just doesn’t show up on the computer although the Clip’s screen does say that it’s connected.

Bought through Amazon in March, so my 30 day warranty is done.  Any suggetions?

Thanks,  Matthew

Did you try reformatting from the Clip itself?  That sometimes will fix inexplicable issues (although it deletes your files).

If worse comes to worse, the good news is, the SanDisk U.S. warranty period is 1 year …

yup, tried reformatting.  no luck there.  have contacted sandisk to see about repair/replacing the device.

This is the EXACT problem I had.  It was baffling.  Here’s what you do - it’s something about refreshing your driver.  Instead of coming into FORUM, go to KNOWLEDGEBASE.  Look at # 1.  It’s solution 2.  It tells you exactly what to do - step by step.  I did that, and it works fine now.