SanDisk Clip Not Connecting to Windows 7 Ultimate PC

I have tried the trouble shooting suggestions on:

I cannot update the Frameware because the mp3 player will not connect to the computer.

Are there any know fixes for Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit?

About my player:

Version: V01.01.30A

Sandisk Clip - 2gb black 

I had the same issue with trying it on a Vista Ultimate PC, a Windows 7 Pro PC, and a Mac OS10.5 the player will not connect to any of them. 

Is your Clip’s USB mode set to MSC?  That sometimes can fix matters.

Otherwise, you can try to force a connection:  with the Clip off and in hold (so that the orange beneath the on switch shows), hold the center button down as you connect the Clip with your USB cable to your computer.