SanDisk Clip Jam Firmware 1.05 Download and Installation

Hello, I’m trying to download this but the PC won’t let me. This ends with an HEX. does anyone have an idea how to open this?

Thanks, Ziv68

Please follow the detailed directions in the firmware thread, where you downloaded the file.  As a general matter, you don’t open the hex file but simply drop it onto the top-most level of the player and then disconnect the player, at which point the player installs the firmware. 

But again, please refer to the detailed directions.

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Also, if your PC isn’t allowing the file to be downloaded to begin with, it could be that an anti-virus program on your PC is being over-protective.  Instead of downloading the hex file onto your PC, you could try downloading it directly onto your connected player (again, to the top-most/root level).

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