SanDisk Clib Jam - Firmware update Request - Folder View Back Button should not go back to top

Enhancement request. Have back botton return in exact order on entering folders.

I use folders to lesson to music. When I done with a folder I want to play the next one.  So my request is when I press back button I want to return to the previous way I entered the folder and not be place at the to top of the root folder when I press the back botton for the second time.  After the second back botton, I don’t like having to click the folder, then internal/external memory,  music each time.  My previous SanDisk clib didn’t go all the way back to the top of the “Folder” selection on the second back botton press.  

Both orginial Firmware 1.03 and latest 1.10 still behave the same way for this.



still the same….???