Sandisk card goes missing oin Motorola G4 3rd Edition

Like many other people using Sandisk cards in Motoroal G4 3rd edition as internal storage the phone decides that the card is no longer present. Reinserting, switching off etc may work for a small time but the problem returns. Looking at various other forums this problem seems particularly bad with Sandisk cards even type 10. Some people seemto think the type 4 cards work better but Marshmallow warns they are too slow.Using the card as addition storage seems OK. Presumably Sandisk have been informed of this. Do you have any recommendations as to a way forward?


my recommendation would be to ensure using at least a micro sd extreme card to ensure that it will be fast enough for internal storage on the motorola and i only see this issue with the slower ultra cards. 

so i assume it should be fine when you use the extreme with the device