SanDisk Atop Mount Everest!!

How cool is that!!

The new Sansa Clip is going to Mount Everest for a display test.  I told you that sansafix was the extreme!

Most definitely a cool adventure!  Check it out here.

Bob  (Jealous, wishing I was on the team climbing!)  :smileyvery-happy:

Cool! Hopefully, the new firmware will be out by then, so they can read their 4gb Clip displays outdoors … :wink:

Watch them almost get to the top, then their Clip’s battery self-discharges to 0% overnight, and the mission is ruined…

But not once the new firmware comes out.  :wink:

Hey that’s cool!  Especially the Product(red) part.  If they came out with a Product(red) 4gb Clip, I’d buy one tomorrow.

Forget the player! I need to kow where they got their snow gaiters at. Nice.