Sandisk 64Gb disk problems-Brand New

I bought a new SanDisk Pixtor 64Gb drive and formatted it in my Panasonic Lumix Camera. I then took photos for 4 days of 200 teenagers on a Pioneer Trek. I took over 2000 photos and 150 video segments. I can see them all on my camera, but I can only see the first 2 days worth on my Mac or my PC (which about half of them). Obviously these photos are very important to these teenagers and I need to get them uploaded so they can view them and we can make movies out of them. What can be done here to save these photos? They assigned me as the official photographer and I need to fulfill my responsibility of showing photos of the entire trip, not just the first half. 

Please help!

I bought a new SanDisk Pixtor 64Gb drive and formatted it in my Panasonic Lumix Camera.

WHY did you format it?  It was formatted when you bought it.  All 64GB of it.  it is possible whatever you formatted it to only supports 32GB rather than the original 64GB.  Check the specs for the camera and see if it supports flash drives larger than 32GB.

Is there a Panasonic forum and have you posted this on there?

Oddly enough, it appears that all the photos and video are there and in proper order. I am not sure what happened here. I see all the photos and video of all 4 days (not 2 as reported earlier), but there are only 1023 photos, not 2000+ as mentioned. What I don’t understand is that I had counted 1200 photos by the second day and the took a LOT more photos. But now it only shows 1023 photos. The funny thing is though, I cannot think of a photo that is missing. They all appear to be there. 

So now if you have a good place to recommend uploading them (all 17gb of them) so that everyone can see them and download if they wish, I will consider every good recommendation. We don’t want anything that would be bad for teenagers and we want to upload full size files without compression. 

Thanks for your help. 

Happy to hear you have all your photos.

As for uploading them i have no idea where to put them.  Google Drive may work. 

Wow, 17GB of photos. Facebook would be my number 1 choice. I think they will automatically resize the photos to fit with their standards.