SANDISK 6 GB microSD and a one problem with playter

Hi Guys. I’m just wandering, if the Sandisk 6gb transflash will work on my Sansa? Isn’t it too much?

My FW - 1.01.01A (I know, that on this fw exist a problem with other-brand mem cards, so because of that i’m asking about Sandisk one)

That’s one question, second one is about player.

Maybe somebody know, why my MP3 player SE sometimes resets settings to defaults, without my permission?
It’s weird, I turning on my player, and i see that EQ, display settings, volume etc. are default.
Have somebody problem like that? Maybe somebody knows, how to solve this problem…

Thx in advance.


P.S. I’m from Poland, so I’m sorry for language mistakes. I do not know English very, very well…

Your English is better than some intarweb users who grew up speaking it, so no worries there. :smiley:

The Express works fine with SDHC, so I’m expecting it to work with a 6GB card.  I haven’t had a chance to test one of those yet, but my 4GB SDHC works fine.

As for the resetting issue…  I would try formatting it through the settings menu, and see what happens.  You’ll need to reload your music, but it should fix the problem.

Hey. I’ll try and see what happens :slight_smile:

Maybe i’ll also reset to defaults from the menu. Maybe it will help…

I have heard that the Express can not use microSDHC cards.

Eh. I know it. But he already told us, his 4gb sdhc works fine… So?

There are some companies that made a 4GB microSD card not microSDHC, but those are rare/hard to find.

Yes. But my SE has faulty FW, in which don’t work any cards, except Sandisk ones, so other-brand SD’s are out of my sight :confused:

Formatting from menu didn’t help me. I think, it even made things worse :/. Mp3 player resets after every turning on :confused:

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Gratefully, now is ok with this resetting problem. I think, that format solved this problem.

Now. If I can’t put here more than 2gb I’ll sell SE, and buy something bigger. I’ve bought it, because of those cards. Heh…

My Express has the newest firmware, 01.01.01A.  It might just be SanDisk SDHC cards that it works with, but mine works fine.

Heh. I’m tired of this. Because of that, I’m going to sell my SE. I love this player, but it’s not worth problems, which I have with it. I’m sure, my Sony Ericsson K800i will play music good too. :slight_smile:


can you confirm the exact make and model of your SDHC card that works with the SE ?

Did you test it to make sure it is able to ready every single megabyte on that card, not just part of it ?

Were there any instability problems ?

Which firmware do you have ?

Thanks !

You DON’T have to use SanDisk brand microSD cards!!! I’m using a Patriot brand 1 gig microSD card in my 2GB SanDisk Express RIGHT NOW!!! The day SanDisk changes its policyt to SanDisk-brand microSD only is the I stop buying from them!!!

More importantly than the brand…

what about the size ?

I ask again, like so many others here:

Why can’t we use 4 GB cards when other Sandisk players running RockBox can use them ?

You should be able to use 4G SDHC microSD cards on Express regardless of the brand.  I have a 2G Express and putting on a 4G micro and they are working fine.  I have not tried other bigger cards since I think 6G is enough music to bore me to death :slight_smile:

Are you SURE about the 4GB ?

Can you access all 4GB on the card ?

Or just the first 2GB, as some other people have said ?

Does it cause instability with your device ?

This is important, since I already placed an order for a 2GB and I would have to change my order soon !

Thanks !

If anyone has problem with SDHC microSD…try the device as MSC mode to see if that will help…here is the step from Captain_Morgan on how to get into that mode:

Open the Device Manager, right click on the Express, Update Driver, “No, not at this time.”, Next, “Install from a list or specific location.”, Next, “Don’t search.  I will choose the driver to install.”, Next,  “USB Mass Storage Device”, Next…

When you want it back in MTP mode, just do the same as above, but choose MTP Device.