Sandisk 4gb and Handycam DCR-SR68

I film football games for a few local high schools.  A coach wanted to use a second camera in the endzone so I had to purchase a new memory card.  I picked up the Sandisk 4gb SDHC.  I loaded the card into the camera and shot the game with no problems, no error messages of any kind.  I received a text from the coach a couple hours after the game when he went to upload to Hudl, a file sharing program for football film, he only got the last 24 clips of the game.  I was and still am horrified!  My question is why would I just get the LAST portion of the game and not the beginning of it.  If it were a case of insufficient memory wouldn’t I get a message indicating that?  I’ve been able to fit 3 games on an 8gb so I figured 4gb was sufficient for the one game.  What is going on?

I can’t even get a response from an administrator!!  This message board works just as well as the card did!

At first I thought  maybe file corruption but other possibilities had me wondering  is it possible that when you pressed record maybe the camera didnt start recording ? Another thing is- exactly  what card were you using ? was it the blue , the ultra  or something else…

What video format  did you shoot in ?, what was the resolution of the video ?